Camp Connect Photos 

Sept 19th


On Sept 19th these lively faces participated in Fernie Connection's first program!  After getting geared up, stepping up to the challenge of paddling into the wind, building their own fires, making bannock, playing in the woods and sailing back home these were 13 happy paddlers.

Check out the pictures below to see how the day went!

Camp Connect Photos 

Oct 10th


On Oct 10th these young canoers had the pleasure of paddling on a pristine Lake Kookanusa.  Not an ounce of wind was felt on their cheeks as they learned to work together to maneuver their boats!  Some challenging games that promoted teamwork were completed along with test tasting the new and improved bannock recipe (including a Gluten Free option).  The day was wrapped up with fun on the beach as they all worked together to work on their creation. Our hats go off to those return campers who's skills are noticeably getting stronger!